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    Woman A Great Gift by Nature

    I felt proud of myself to write that I am a woman because I read a book ‘EVERY WOMAN‘ written by Derek L. Jones. She wrote about women’s life and information about their health that we feel shy to ask or discuss with anyone. She explained it wonderfully and provided a guide to understand our body in detail as it has medical and gynaecological facts for women’s wellbeing. After reading, it inspired me to write atleast a piece about women’s life. There are lots of differences between the life of men and women and women have to face and bear a lot of things and hardships that are not somewhere…

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    Just go through this whenever you are unhappy or broken deep down

    Hey guys, welcome to my blog again, today i want to share something from my life which not only gave me inspiration but also i came to know about wonderful community in the world and their holy book. I am always interested in reading different books of different religions and this time i want to share about some writings in ” Guru Granth Sahib”. I was really amazed after reading myself and the most interesting fact which is unbelievable is that everything about this universe (and above that) was already known and later on was inscribed in this holy book, you can find more about it in detail here Siri…