Proven: Research says Norway happiest place on Earth

Norway, simply “heaven on Earth” has my whole heart guys because of many reasons that i will talk about here. And the title of happiest country on Earth is not just my personal statement but its been given to Norway by the United Nations agency World Happiness report in 2017 which is a global scientific study taking place since 2012. Norway has topped the list leaving behind the whole world….can you imagine guys so many huge countries!

I will not dwell into all places of this glorious country because each and every corner of Norway is, as i said before ,”heaven”. I want to talk about many aspects that prove this country, of around 5 million population, happiest. One of the reasons is that children roam around free everywhere and they are happy at school. Students do not receive any grades throughout the elementary school thanks to the Norwegian education system that allows children to study free from every kind of stress.

Norwegian people admits that natural beauty is very important to them. Norway is actually covered with green spaces, breathtaking nature that attracts people throughout the world and i am one of them. I seriously want to just be lost in the natural beauty of this place because i am not gonna come out of that wonderful space. Being out in the nature is considered a right in embodied in a law called “allemannsretten” which means everyone’s right to roam free.

Another reason is the outstanding healthcare system which allows its people to live each and every moment of their lives worry free of any kind of medical issues. They don’t have to struggle daily of how the next day is going to be and any other future unforeseen problems. Every person living their pay their taxes and fees willfully and gladly because they know they get much back as well and have secure future with their family including free education, free healthcare, generous pension, parental leave of one year at full pay. It is a genuine relief inside everyone residing in Norway that brings happiness in their lives.

Vacation time is another known reason among these people that show their happiness. Their need for relaxation is being respected by government itself and because of which employers are required to give 25 days of paid leave to their employees every year. People love to spend their holidays with with their families and to go out in those lush green mountains, fjords, cheery cities, wilder forests, beautiful countryside, northern lights, polar bears, irrespective of the whether.

You just need to pack your bags and head towards this heaven because there should not be any regret left in this one and only life that is being given to us so do not think even twice friends! Stay safe and happy

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