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Overlook these points before you publish your website

Hi everyone! i know there are many sites that are giving information about digital world but here i wanted to share my experience when i first started to develop website and optimizing it. So i want to tell some useful tips that actually helped me creating and optimize my personal very first website and i hope it will be beneficial to you in some way because everyone is busy in their fields of work and digital marketing is the concept that is emerging in every field and helping in carrying on almost every kind of business. Every business person uses the concept of internet marketing for the growth of their business and for reaching to the public all around the world. So i am going to list out some basic but important strategies that you must keep in mind before and while creating your website.

  • Creative content : Well it is the most important fundamental rule to design a website as well as making it rank to the top in the search results of Google. Whatever you publish on the website whether its an idea or any content, it should be unique and should not be copied from any other site. You should understand that if a content is available on one website, why someone will ever visit your website? So make your content that creative that that will amaze the reader while visiting your website.
  • No irrelevant content : Your content should be regarding the topic you described in the heading, never confuse the reader by adding material which is not related to your subject. If you go off the topic, visitor will get annoyed and leave your site and never come again.
  • Meta description : Meta description is the meta tag that provide summary of the page and appears under the title of the page in the search results. Its important to create meta description of at least 160-165 characters. However, Google has continued to say that it do not help your website to rank high by creating meta descriptions because Google automatically create meta description on its own irrespective of what you write in meta description of your page. But its also considered that effective and quality meta descriptions can affect CTR( Click Through Rate) of your site by increasing traffic to your site.
  • Promotion of the content : Now that you have created your site and uploaded enough content or the content you want to add in your website should be optimized in order to rank higher in the search results of the search engine which is called SEO. There are several ways to promote your site and content like SEO, SMO. SMO is social media marketing in which you can promote your content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube. SEO is a vast concept in which promotion is based on both On page and Off page optimization. So you have to work on all these to lift your site up in terms of traffic which you will get if you are on the top page of search engine results.
  • Monetization : Once you achieve success in marketing and get enough number of visitors to your site, you can opt for monetizing your site but keep in mind that in order to start earning money you must have minimum amount of users that are visiting your site daily. The most common ways to start monetizing that are trending these days are E-books, e-commerce, advertisements, online courses, membership plans, tutorials, slides, recipes, art and craft etc. but again for this, you need to strengthen up your site with minimum number of users at daily basis.

These are some basics that i wanted to share with you and i hope it will help you and i also want you all to share your views on this topic and comment. Thank you all i will appreciate your views on this.

Hello world, i am Hayat and meaning of Hayat is Life, so i picked up the word ‘Hayat’ for my blog. I wanted to reach out to the people around the world and bring my voice in the form of motivation, services and also to know more about my readers.

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