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Amazing traditions and customs of Turkey to steal your heart

Hi friends, here i want to talk about some of the customs, traditions, etiquettes of the people of Turkey that are so nice and wonderful that it will touch your heart and you will love it.

My one of the best friend had studied in Turkey and lived there for more than five years and he uses to talk about people, food, culture, traditions of Turkey. I always feel some connection with this country because i have already heard and felt so much through my friend that i sometimes feel that i have been living there since then. People are so naive, sociable, helpful that they can talk to a complete stranger for half of the day thinking nothing and can invite them to their house for dinner or for just a cup of tea as it a tradition to offer tea as a sign to welcome wherever you go. Also tea is the national drink of Turkey served in tulip shaped glasses with or without sugar. Food is amazing and has been the integral part of the society. Turkish people know how to cook several delicious dishes, be it homemade or at restaurant.

There are some habits, customs and etiquettes that are very kind such as while entering the house, sole of the shoes are considered dirty so they should be taken off at the entrance and slippers are offered. Turks treat elderly with a lot of respect and love, like if someone enters the house he will approach to the eldest person first and greet by kissing the right hand and touch it to their forehead. Everyone has been addressed by a title, men are always called by their first name and then ‘bey’ whereas women by their first name along with ‘hanim’. When someone goes out for any journey, then pouring water behind them or their vehicle is a custom to ensure smooth journey. I just love these people and their customs and i am sure you will love them too.

Turkish hospitality is one of the main custom of the country, so if you are invited for a dinner or tea by a local that you have just met five minutes before, do not be surprised and be sure that you cannot refuse at any cost. These invitations do not have any reasons or do not expect gifts so do not try to bring gifts or money because it is considered as impolite. You can just take chocolates or flowers if you really do not want to go empty handed and also can invite them at your home in return. Now lets talk about the delicious Turkish food. Typical Turkish cuisine includes different stews of vegetables and meat, borek, kebab, dolma dishes and a sourdough bread which is being eaten with every meal. Turks are really fond of eggplant and their breakfast, lunch and dinner includes vegetable and meat stew, eggs, cheese, olives, rice or pilaf, fruits, vegetables, soup, tea or coffee. Despite the Islamic prohibitions on alcohol, raki, wine or beer is often served with dinner.

I will definitely go there and live such a beautiful life and culture and i hope you will also love it. Wish u luck friends:)

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