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Woman A Great Gift by Nature

I felt proud of myself to write that I am a woman because I read a book ‘EVERY WOMAN‘ written by Derek L. Jones. She wrote about women’s life and information about their health that we feel shy to ask or discuss with anyone. She explained it wonderfully and provided a guide to understand our body in detail as it has medical and gynaecological facts for women’s wellbeing. After reading, it inspired me to write atleast a piece about women’s life. There are lots of differences between the life of men and women and women have to face and bear a lot of things and hardships that are not somewhere present in men’s world. Women’s life is like a brick kiln which is always heated by the society. The woman is a formation of the world, society and family in other words we can say that she is the creator of the world. The anatomical differences is clear but, as well, women have a different perception of many experiences. In the society it is considered that a women is weaker than or inferior to man but nature proves that the female is stronger than the Male because she is able to create a life. She is a unique mammal. 

It is a matter of constant surprise to me that even today why man thinks that only they can do everything. If the opportunities are provided equally, a woman can succeed in most activities as a man. In today’s era can perform all the activities like man then why is she compared? If these comparisons are stopped then it will be beneficial not only for nation but also for the world. 

Sometimes, woman is also responsible to make herself inferior than the man. She doesn’t know her inner strength. She believes in gender identity so she behaves to her children depending on their sex. The children’s brain is conditioned in this way and then it gets difficult to reverse it in the future. They also behave like gender identity that’s why a girl child never get aware of her ability and behaves only in a specific female manner. After developing a gender identity she only lives in the belief created by society.

In our primitive society, it is considered that man is for earning livelihood and women is for cooking, caring and nurturing her children. For a woman, there are extremely difficult times and stages between the period of childhood and a grown woman, which she face and combats with her great passion and dedication. Most of the girls learn from their mother and are guided by the fact that they are born only to be grown and after that they will be married and give birth to children and needed to take care of their husband and family. 

No woman wants to be sexually assaulted but still in some parts of this world she is being harassed and behaved poorly, be it workplace or society. She is helpless and unable to raise her voice regarding moral and sexual rights. This is a bitter truth of our society that is still present in many parts of the world.

But its amazing that time has changed now, woman can work equally to the man in most part of world. Woman have their own choices she can run her family as a single parent. She is highly educated and now she is able to  change the world. In a Male dominated society, a woman proved herself that she can even manage her home while working outside.

It is also sorrowful that sometimes we forget to thank and treasure a woman for her unpaid and unseen work like love, care, patience and devotion to her family. She is a delicate flower as well as strong like a mountain. Today, She has an ability to rule over a country. She is a great mother, sister, wife, friend, daughter and social worker. She is strong and can accept the challenges of life, and with every challenge she develop and adapt herself mentally, emotionally and socially. Her inner strength cannot be denied because she is one of the best creations of God.

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