Approved: EU Digital Covid Certificate to secure your travel

I know everyone in Portugal and Europe has been wondering about EU Digital Covid Certificate and how it will aid in travelling in and outside the EU. So here’s the updated information regarding the certificate and how you can travel safely using this certificate.

This is the final name that is given by the European Council’s Permanent Representatives Committee by the agreement between all the EU countries on 25th May and admitted that people will be able to travel from 1st July using this certificate.

These certificates will be used while travelling to the EU countries as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Apart from name and date of birth, the certificate will enclose information that the person has been vaccinated against Covid-19/ recovered from Covid-19/ test results. all these details will be in QR code form. The committee has stated that all these information will be secure and any data will not be retained in any other EU country.

The certificate will be available both in digital as well as paper format. Although the name itself implies to be digital, but it can be a paper version too. As for me it will be the backup plan because sometimes phone may run out of battery in the middle of travel and certificate in the form of paper can save me in the worst condition and i will be able to travel with the peace of mind. And as for the digital form, traveler will need to use the digital application created in the country of residence. Again both will contain QR code that will authenticate the certificate.

People travelling from the countries outside the EU will use the application that is being used to travel globally like NHS application in UK for travelling is now being modified by the UK government in order to use it across the globe.

Despite of allowance of EU Digital Covid Certificate, travel restrictions all over Europe may not be completely uniform due to the matter of new Bordeaux variant. As each country is changing their own travel restrictions but the EU is appealing to every country to not impose additional travel restrictions on travelers holding the certificate. Therefore you must check regularly about the travel restrictions before traveling to any country. According to EU commission new announcement on travel recommendation may be passed in the next few weeks, so guys be attentive and keep updated before going anywhere to avoid any unnecessary complications for yourself and you family.

I wish all of you a safe and trouble-free travel in the future:)

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